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4. Blake: Herself(s)?

3. One becomes two

2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

Blake: Herself(s)?

on 2017-03-26 08:30:12

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Blake woke up. Or at least her couch self did.

She felt normal for the most part, with this odd feeling in her head akin to a body part that lost feeling. Something was off about her senses, like there was an overlap of something else, but for the most part felt like she was pretty much in charge of both her mental and physical faculties.

She got up and took quick stock of herself, guessing to be a college-aged red-head who was fairly pretty and in shape, as well as naked. Normally Blake would spend more time taking in the body (He never got tired of that sort of experience!), but he was more worried about the oddity with her senses and her head and finding some clothes so she wasn't so chilly.

She went to her bedroom where the walk-in closet contained most of his general "wear" clothing, the stuff he didn't care too much to keep track of who wore what, just something to put on. When he opened the door to the room though, he felt a bit of a pulse with his senses. Ignoring it for now, he saw a girl completely matching the other one who put on the sweat pants, about the same in appearance of herself but brunette. She was sleeping on the bed, snoozing away. Deciding the better part of valor for now, she went quietly towards the walk-in closet.

Or tried to, she forgot how creaky the wooden floors could be. And when they did creak, she felt more pulses on her senses for each one, especially if some of the creaks were especially loud. Was she really connected to that body? She put the thought aside for now and pushed for the walk-in closet.

And then it happened. She opened the door and suddenly remembered this was the weekend she was to oil up the hinges. Too late in stopping herself, a severe screeching sound happened, and her senses were suddenly assaulted...

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