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4. Hive Mind Blake

3. One becomes two

2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

Hive Mind Blake

on 2009-03-06 20:05:03

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The next morning "Blake" woke up and was immediately assaulted with an alien sensation. Shooting straight up from her resting position, she saw what was happening or rather she saw from two different points of view. The Blake in the bedroom was currently staring at a dresser across from where she sat up on her bed, while the other in the living room was staring at a blank TV screen. Trying to comprehend this gave her a headache, which didn't help her with two bodies. Thinking past the pain, she proceeded to see what she could do in this state. She decided with the body she had in the living room to get up and turn on the TV. Standing up, she also caused her bedroom self to stand-up at the same time.

The disorientation was getting really annoying, as whatever she did with one of her bodies the other would mimic. She had to take baby steps to not fall over from the dual-sensations, and even then she couldn't reach the TV due her bedroom self walking into the dresser. She did noted that she only felt the pain on that on that body only, as if it was an extension of larger whole. Deciding she wasn't going anywhere this way, she took backwards steps and was right back where she started.

She needed to find a way to deal with this; she didn't want to spend all day in one position with only two things to look at but how?

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