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4. Blakes' Transformation

3. One becomes two

2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

Blakes' Transformation

on 2009-03-06 01:38:25

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Shortly he was woken up by the sound of someone snoring. By this time, he had been used to using the medallion and waking up as a woman didn't bother him. But waking up next to someone when he was alone certainly did.

The woman sleeping next to him was as naked as himself and easily recognizable. She was one of the two women who had worn the pants. Blake, of course, was the other one. The whole idea had worked... assuming they were both him, that is. "Wake up," said Blake. "Are you... are you me? Did it work?"

The woman yawned, then quickly sat up, startled, and looked around. "What happened? Did it... Oh. Right. It did work. Didn't it? I just hope we didn't get unlucky."

"Getting unlucky" was what Blake had--only to himself--called the possibility of finding a woman who was in the middle of a period, or worse, pregnant. If he accidentally picked one of those, he would be stuck. It hadn't happened except for once when the woman's period ended after a day and a half, fortunately soon enough to keep him from becoming a missing person. At that point he had already amassed a collection of clothes and had several female forms to choose from.

"You said it," said Blake. "I know you're me then. I guess it worked. Now what do we do?"

"We have twelve hours," said the other Blake. "We can... do anything women do?"

Blake slid over in the bed and kissed the woman, "Mmmm," she said.

"We both like girls," said Blake. Blake got up and rummaged through a drawer....

"Oh, I see," said the other Blake. Meanwhile Blake found a strap-on dildo. He had used it as a girl, though not as a strap-on... well, this time it would be one. He put it on and approached the woman, who looked at it a little puzzled. Of course, neither Blake had been a woman while with someone else, and didn't exactly know how to react when female and approached by what was basically a lesbian, let alone a lesbian version of himself.

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