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2. Older Karyn and A New Past

1. You Are What You Wish

Older Karyn and A New Past

on 2005-09-28 17:28:52

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The next day, Karyn and I met at the same spot.
I brought the rock with me in a little paper sack.

Karyn was wearing a tight, little t-shirt. Her new breasts were straining the fabric to its limit.

I laughed out loud. "Proud of your new assets?"

She frowned. "No! This shirt used to fit fine and now it's WAY too small. All my clothes are! And do you know how hard it is to sleep with these giant things?"

"Well... I think they look good."

"Shut up Jon."

"Seriously! You look hot."

"Whatever. Let's use the rock to figure out to change me back."


I pulled the rock out of the sack and made a wish.

"I wish Karyn's new hair and new boobs suited her well."

Suddenly there was a white FLASH! And Karyn began changing before my very eyes. Her legs grew a bit longer, her skin became slightly tanned, and her clothes swirled around her. When the change was complete, Karyn was a sexy, college beach girl with a flower skirt, black sandals, and a tight, white halter top.

"Whoa! Like what did you do Jon? What happened to me?"

I bit my lip. "Oops! I didn't think that would happen! I thought my wish would make you a bit more comfortable! I guess the rock interpreted it differently!"

"Like give me the rock you jerk! You like, changed me and stuff!"

I couldn't take my eyes of Karyn. She looked incredible. But for some reason she was talking different. She sounded... well... a bit less intelligent than before.

Karyn walked over to me. Her curvy body seemed to sway with every step. I was staring at her cleavage and didn't even notice when she scooped the rock out of my hand.

When I finally saw that she had the rock, I became alarmed.
"Whoa Karyn! I didn't say you could have that!"

"Jon! You changed me! Like, I can't let you change me again!"

"Karyn, I need the rock. And why are you talking like that?"

"Like, I wish Jon wanted me to have the rock."

Suddenly I did. I knew she had just changed me but I started to think that since I had made an incorrect wish that affected her, it was only fair that she get the rock now.

I looked back over at her Karyn. She looked so damned hot it made it hard to concentrate. She saw me looking her body up and down and this seemed to make her angry.

"Jon! Stop it! Like I need to change back and you're making me feel weird!"

"Sorry Karyn."

"Like, I wish I didn't feel so weird!"

Suddenly I saw a Karyn shake her head. She blinked a few times and then looked up at me.

"Karyn? Are you okay?

"Like, I'm fine! But why am I hanging out with my younger sister's friend?"

This made me worried. Something was different. Her wish must've changed the our past. Karyn had always been a sexy college girl so there was no reason for her to feel weird about it. That meant I had never gone to school with her. I had went to school with her younger sister Victoria who was apparently my age now!

I shook my head. These new memories felt strange. "Karyn, we're here because of the rock! Remember, we used to be the same age! We used to be best friends! Don't forget that!"

She blinked again. "Oh yeah! That's right! You and my little sister were playing with the rock and I walked in on you. I picked it up and asked if I could use it and you let me. When I decided to keep it you and Victoria chased me around the house, and then outside to this spot!"

As these new memories flooded her mind they flooded mine as well. Even though I remembered the old past, the new past seemed just as real. Karyn wasn't just a sexy college girl, she was a tease and a selfish brat. She had taken my rock and now I was trying to get it back from her!

Just then Victoria came bounding from around a nearby house.

"Jon! You found her! Be careful! Karyn's a bitch! She'll change you!"

Victoria ran up next to me out of breath. I was glad she was here. She knew her older sister better than me.

I tried to reason with the new Karyn. "Karyn... don't you remember your old self?"
This confused Victoria. She didn't know what he was talking about.

Karyn saw Victoria's confusion and stuck her tongue outat Jon. "Like, Jon, you're just trying to trick me! You and Victoria are always in the way!"

I didn't like where this was going.
A devilish grin spread across Karyn's face. Victoria and I embraced with fear.

Then Karyn look at me and I heard her speak...

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