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2. being someone else

1. You Are What You Wish

karyns sister

on 2005-09-27 01:57:31

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that night jon thought about it and wished that he could switch bodies with anyone and the body he left would act completely normal (he didn't want to be made a fool of).

next morning he got up did his morning went outside to meet karyn to go to the park to hang out. he saw her little 8 year old sister sally walking around inside and willed himself to become her and next thing he knew he was her he asked karyn if s/he could come with them karyn thought and said "sure if you put on a nice dress for me" "great" jon thought he looked through sally's stuff and found where she kept her dresses and found one that he could live with wearing she stripped her clothes off and realized she was wearing a training bra wow they start young she thought to herself, she put on the yellow dress and came downstairs karyn said "oh you look wonderful c'mon let's go jon's waiting.

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