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2. Pre-wished Wishes

1. You Are What You Wish

Knowing What to Wish For

on 2005-09-21 00:26:53

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Of course the school day lasted forever, never dose a day last so long when there is a new toy at home waiting to be played with, and never was there a more interesting toy.

Karyn and Jon rushed back to Jon's house and up to his room. Jon stood in the center of his room and glanced at the clock on the wall, it was 2:54pm. The both sat down on Jon's bed and discussed what they thought they could do with the rock.

"I wouldn't mind getting these things a little smaller."

"Awww, you don't like your 'big boobs'?" Smirked Jon, using his fingers to make quotes in the air.

Karyn simply shook her head, causing her newly elongated hair to sway in front of her face. Looking slightly annoyed but saying nothing she lifted her arm and, as though it was an act that she had to put much effort into, brushed the hair up and behind her ear for what seemed to her to be the hundredth time since she had made her wish. It was an inauspicious start to be sure, but she was confident that she could make it better.

"I'm thinking that if I wish that 'big' was relative to what I think it should be I should gain control over my size."

"Wow Karyn, that seems more though out than I would have expected from you, if I had made a wish to have uncomfortably large nuts between my legs I wouldn't be able to think straight and would probably made up with some harebrained scheme. How did you come up with that?"

"Well actually I didn't come up with it. I posted a question describing my situation on a website last night and that was the last response that was posted this morning."

"What?" exclaimed Jon, thinking that Karyn had given his secret away to the world. "Now everyone will know about my rock."

"Relax Jon. It's totally anonymous, strictly hypothetical, and it is a sight completely dedicated to asking weird questions like that" Karyn said dryly. "Besides I got some other kinda interesting ideas off that sight. Hay where is the stone anyway so I can try some of them?"

Jon glanced at the wall clock again, stood up, walked to few steps to the center of the room, turned around, and stuck out his hands as though to cup water to wash his face. "Last night I was worried that if I left the stone hear my mom would find it and make a wish and neither one of us would know. I worried I would wind up spending all my time helping her around the house or something." Karyn giggled thinking that Jon could use a little of that wish, like all teenage guys he was not the cleanest person. Granted, he wasn't that bad, after all he could stand on the floor in the middle of his room rather than on dirty clothes. "Anyway like I was saying I didn't want mom to find it so I wished that it would disappear and reappear at exactly 3:15pm today according to the clock on my wall and that I would know exactly where to stand." Jon stated somewhat melodramatically as he spread his arms apart while watching the seconds tick away on the last minute.






"Shazam!" yelled Jon slamming his arms and hands back together as the box appeared in a poof of light gray smoke above him and fell right on his head bounding forward just a bit and landing in his cupped hands. Karyn burst out laughing and Jon rubbed his head lightly as he used his other hand to lie the box on the bed and take the stone out.

"I should wish that that had gone better."

Karyn gasped.

"What? What's wrong?" asked Jon whirling around expecting to see something behind him.

"Jon, you just made a wish, didn't you?" asked Karyn

"Oh. No, grandpa said that only the words 'I wish' would activate the stone, remember? Come to think of if it, he said he thought that it was an Incan relic, so why dose it understand the English words 'I wish'?" wondered Jon.

"I don't know, maybe your grandfather wished that it would understand English in Incan."

"I guess."

"OK, can I make my wish now?"

"How are you going to word it?" Jon asked without handing the stone over to Karyn.

"Let me get on your computer so I can see how that answer that I liked was worded again, I remember thinking that that person had worded it really well last night." Said Karyn as she got up and walked across the room to sit in front of Jon's computer.

"Hay, that's an interesting one."


"You should wish that you would always know weather or not a wish was granted for sure as soon as you wished it. That way you don't have to worry about weather or not it worked." Read Jon.

"Huh, I don't think that one was there this morning. Hay that one is a new one to, 'wish that all the wishes that you make would have a default time limit of thirty minutes unless otherwise specified" quoted Karyn from the wish below the one Jon had read. "Hay the one I told you about is right above the one you read. You should say 'I wish that I could redefine what the word big in my previous wish meant so that I could have control over the size of my boobs'. Jon don't you think it's strange that three wishes that we think are good ones should appear one right after another?"

With that Jon's computer made a loud beep noise and words flashed on the screen. 'Make the three wishes that you just discussed in the order in which they appear. Than wish that the wish that appears first should appear as a response to Karyn's question as posted on the website while she slept last night and that the other two responses would appear while you were in school. Lastly wish that this message would appear on Jon's computer just as it has right now shortly after the two of you read the first three wishes aloud. This message will now disappear from the screen and be printed.' With that the message did exactly as it said it would, and a piece of paper with the words that had been on the screen printed off of Jon's printer.

"Wow!" said Karyn. "I wonder what made all that happen."

"I wish I knew." Said Jon.

'Dumb ass.' said the screen.

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