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2. Wishes publicly announced

1. You Are What You Wish

Wishes publicly announced.

on 2005-09-02 16:35:50

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The next day Jon woke up and had a wicked idea enter his mind. He smiled mischeviously as he entered the school and found karyn.

"Hey Karyn, if someone hears a wish they know they changed yet everyone thinks they are normal, if they don't only the wish sayer thinks so, what happens if everyone hears the wish?" Jon asked.

"what do you mean Jon?" Karyn asked suprised.

"you know the PA system, the intercom used for school wide announcements? I am going to the office and saying a wish over that so everyone can hear it." Jon said smiling.

"But Jon, you'd be chased down by an angry mob".

"Relax karyn, I can just wish they forgot who changed them if I really have to."

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