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3. Boobs, Ass, Pussy

2. wish interrupted

1. You Are What You Wish

Made for Sex

on 2017-01-29 14:29:45

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As Jon was making his wish Karyn said "I wouldn't mind my breasts, butt and vagina being a bit larger."

Jon said "your boobs, ass and pussy?"

The stone began to glow and Jon realized his wish!

Karyn began to change...

When finished she was only a pair of boobs with a vagina between them and a pair of ass cheeks behind the boobs.

"Jon what happened to me!" She yelled through the pussy lips.

"Um... uhh.. you are a combination of the three body parts you just said...
"Can you still see? Jon asked.

"Yeah, I'm looking up at you." Karyn said.

"Hmm... your vision must have moved to your nipples."
"How do you feel?" Jon asked.

"I... I feel very, very horny, I really want you in me! Like now!! Karyn yelled.

"Woah! Your sex drive must be through the roof in this form!" He said as he undressed.

Karyn boob-walked up to him then bounced towards him knocking him on the bed.
She then bounced onto the bed and adjusted herself onto Jon's erected penis.

Jon didn't know what to think but was enjoying this!

He held onto her and began to thrust upward into Karyn the sex object.

After the fun Jon fell asleep.

Karyn wondered the room until she found the stone...

"Time to change you Jon." She whispered...

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