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2. Me, A Nerdy Young Adult

1. Altered Fates

A Hot Blonde Babe

on 2008-05-30 17:45:37
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2018-03-21 10:04:14

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My name is Danny. I am 21 years old, 6'0 in height, and never had a girlfriend. When I was walking out one day I noticed a medallion lying on the ground. I could win a woman's heart over this, because she wouldn't resist the texture of it. She would fall for me and love me until death. I drove my green Ford Mercury Mariner to the mall speedily.

I searched the mall to find a suitable female to give it to. When I walked down the stairs to the food court, I noticed a pretty brunette and her friends eating at a table. I headed over there and said "I would like to give this to you, even though you are prettier than this medallion." "I think I just lost my appetite!" one of her friends said as they all laughed at me. I walked away with a depressed look on my face.

I sat down on a bench far away and cried my humiliation out. I put the medallion on as my tears fell down on it. "This is not fair! I just want attention and respect!" I sobbed. I then felt a pain throughout my body. I dashed to find a dressing room immediately. When I found a open one, I went in, shut the door and locked it tightly. My insides were churning, twisting, and reforming. Something was telling me I was reforming.

My body hair sank into my body, leaving my skin smooth and hairless. My skin became a pasty white, without being too pale. My waist went in my body as my hips ballooned out. My belly also sank in, loosing all of it's fat. I realized I was getting shorter and smaller by each second. My fingernails and toenails turned a dark red, like a girl would paint hers. My penis and testicles retreated to my body and a new vagina sprouted out where they used to be. My legs, feet, arms, and hands grew smaller and softer. My blonde hair grew down my back until it stopped at the bottom om my waist. My face was getting smaller and more delicate. My blue eyes grew longer eyelashes and somehow now had woman's eyeliner around them. My nose grew smaller as my lips turned red and had glitter on them. My face became touched up with makeup. My breasts swelled pushing out, until they stopped at a DD size. They had pink nipples to fit their size and shape.

My clothes also changed too. My blue hoodie turned into a blue tank top with a bra underneath to support my boobs. My jeans turned into short denim shorts as a pink belt magically formed through the belt loops of it. My underwear underneath reformed and turned into panties. My shoes turned into flip flops as my socks disappeared. A silver watch and a white and pink purse appeared on my left wrist and arm. I felt something on both of my ears. I noticed they were earrings!

I looked into the mirror and in horror and I saw something quite unexpected stare back at me. A beautiful 21 year old blonde woman was in the same mirror I was looking at. She was about 5'8. She was the most beautiful female I have EVER seen in my life. Any man that approached her would bow down to her beauty. I transformed into that woman!

"Oh my god!" I said as I noticed my high soprano voice. "I forgot my boyfriend was waiting outside the mall!" I said as I rushed out with all my speed. "You're late Danielle!" he said in a mad tone. His name is Terrace. He was about 6'0 with wavy brown hair. He had a leather jacket with a plain white T-Shirt underneath and ripped up jeans. He was very muscular and would protect me from anything harmful that came into my sight. His skin was slightly tanned. He and I were meant to be together. "Sorry! I had to admire my beauty in the mirror. I do it everyday!" I said and smiled. "Just let me do it for you!" he said. We walked out in the parking lot and got into my white Ford Mustang Saleen. I got it as a graduation gift from my Daddy. I started the car and headed to my apartment. I shared my apartment with Matthew since he has been a good boyfriend to me.

On the way back, my friend, Jessica, texted me and said she got a new boyfriend. Jeez, it was her 22nd one in 3 months. To bad she does not know how to handle a man like I do. Whenever I see a opportunity for some sexy business, I take it!

When we got back to our apartment, we agreed to go out for a dinner at Casconi's, a fancy Italian restaurant. Since he is the guy, he had to pay for a $100.00 dinner! I'm happy I was born female, not male. Who knows what horrible life I would've had if I was born male!


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