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4. Karyn Becomes Jon's Parents

3. parents...

2. wish interrupted

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn Becomes Jon's Parents

avatar on 2007-03-02 20:48:40

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Karyn became taller and older, then she split into two people. Then those two "Karyns" changed. One changed into a guy and kept changing until she looked like Jon's father. The other one remained female, but changed until she looked like Jon's mother.

Jon had his hand down his mom's pants and both his parents had their hands down Jon's pants. His dad kept rubbing Jon's penis, acting like it was okay behavior to do something like that. It was the same way for his mom.

Jon immediately removed his hand from his mom's pants.

She made an offended expression. "What's wrong, Jon? You don't like rubbing my pussy anymore?"

Jon didn't know what to say. He was totally shocked. His parents were acting like total perverts.

And what happened to Karyn? Was she totally gone now? Would he ever get her back?

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