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2. The Revenge Case

1. Altered Fates


on 2008-03-23 22:22:16

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Edgar Holland lost everything.
His oldest dearest friend, Mathias Dunn, betrayed him.

Business partners for 20 years right out of college, the two built a financial empire that practically ran itself.
Edgar married the lovely Amber Stohl and the two had a daughter named Heather Grace (Although she always preferred to be called Grace.
Grace was his heart.

Mathias had always been more aggressive in business than Edgar, cutting corners and dealing with people Edgar wasn't so sure about. He let Mathias handle that and tried not to get involved. Edgar was more of an ideas man.

Mathias had a son a little older than Grace named Ronald or simply Ron. Mathias kept him very close to him. Mathias' wife and Ron's mother, Karen, disappeared some years earlier.

The Dunns and Hollands were a relatively close pairing of two families.

Mathias had put Edgar in charge of a team researching an arctic drilling station saying that he was worried about giving the assignment to anyone but Edgar as there were rumors of corporate spies in the company. Edgar, compliant as always, agreed despite the fact that it would keep him away from his family for two years.

Two years ended early. Edgar was called back when his daughter was found murdered in a hotel room. The press called it an S&M; session gone wrong. His wife too had died in an automobile accident before he made it home.

Mathias was arrested as a suspect revealing that He and Amber had been having an affair. The charges were dropped shortly after as the accident was deemed so by the police investigation.

Edgar couldn't let it rest though. He hired a team to investigate what had gone on. They were unable to obtain solid evidence but revealed that Amber had been with Mathias only to uncover what she suspected was going to be a hostile company take over. The affair was an accident to keep up a cover in her investigation.

When their daughter died she had had a huge argument with Mathias and driven off angry. A maid in the Dunn house was willing to testify to what she had heard.

Edgar set up a meeting to talk with her. It was agreed to on the basis that he would come alone. It all turned into an ambush.

Mathias and his son came out of the shadows.

"Edgar, I am sorry" Mathias said, "You understand I must protect my on interest." He patted his son on the back.
"I loved her. She needed to know she was mine." Ron said his eyes brimming with anger, tears running down his face.
"What" cried Edgar.
"The boy is a bit spoiled." Mathias said, "I suppose it is my fault. The boy needed his mother after all I guess."
"What now Mathias? You can't expect me to let this rest can you?"
Mathias shot Edgar.
"I'm afraid you will have to." he said and then turned to Ron. "Finish this son. You must learn responsibility."
Mathias left.
Ron pulled out a knife.
He cut out Edgar's tongue and Edgar passed out.
He awoke in his own home to weak to move. He saw Ron splashing gasoline on the walls. He tried to speak bu nothing came out.
"You awake?" Ron said catching him out of the corner of his eye. "A Christmas present from Grace, she picked it up at a yard sale for you." He pressed a small package in Edgar's hand.
Edgar blacked out. When he awoke the flames encircled him. He was still holding the small box.
With every ounce of strength he crawled from the burning house clutching the small package. Flames engulfed parts of him. Outside he rolled on the ground.
As fire trucks arrived he hid in the bushes and watched the last remenants of who he was burn away.
He later crawled until he passed out again.
He awoke in a burn center, his package sitting on the table beside him unopened.

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