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2. Fempocalypse

1. The Drafting Board


on 2018-03-17 15:30:02
Episode last modified by Samantha on 2018-03-17 15:30:14

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Co-written with Austea

Crystal Flood wasn't sure what she was getting into.

Heading back to school at Capital University should have been a nice return to normal. But nothing had been normal in the world since the second month of classes.

Thanks to an unexplainable phenomenon, within a few weeks, mankind had been redefined as _woman_kind around the world. An unknown phenomenon swept everyone unfortunate enough to bear a Y chromosome. By the time it was over, what some cynical analysts had dubbed the Fempocalypse had radically restructured human society.

The majority of men — roughly 70 percent, according to some estimates — had become fully functioning females, from reproductive system to loss of muscle mass and the growth of breasts. The rest, along with a small minority of females, had become what quickly were dubbed "shemales". What was between their legs had remained unchanged, but the rest of their bodies had become just as feminine as if they had been girls all their lives. After the changes were finished and a worldwide survey was completed, the new worldwide gender ratio had settled down around 80% female and 20% shemale.

The Fempocalypse had brought society to a halt. It took two months for Capital University to resume classes, and with good reason. Half of the world's population needed new documentation, and that was the least of their worries. Governments suddenly had to worry about how to educate an entire population about caring for body parts they never had. There was a mass sense of alienation, hysteria and an unfortunate initial spike in the suicide rate. At Capital U, students returned home in a desperate search for normalcy they would not find. Not even religion offered comfort and solace; how could it, given the unprecedented nature of this event?

The solutions that countries chose were just as varied as the cultures they had to face. The most common were the mass media campaigns, which offered well-intentioned advice on how to use a tampon and a healthy serving of memes for the population as a whole. In more remote countries and rural areas, traveling brigades of doctors and experts (or at least what the post-change environment considered experts out of desperation) wound their way up and down the countryside to try and bring the change close to home and prevent further public health crises. Massive documentation and registration fairs popped up in large cities and small towns alike, pumping out birth certificates and identification for the newly changed. The largest hurdle to face came in societies that marginalized women more and those with extensive customs of modesty. Debates raged over whether modesty was necessary in a society where everyone had breasts.

It took a year for life to settle down to rhythm that might be called "normal". Businesses were operating again, schools reopening, and patterns of daily life beginning to reemerge from the fog. Acceptance of the changes increased with the passage of time. Humanity slowly started to adapt. Ultimately, from the local level to the United Nations, change adjustment organizations (or CAOs) sprung up to attend to the needs of the newly transformed, from mental health to sexual education and scientific research. New national and transnational organizations, such as the pro-femininity Venus Initiative and its bitter enemy, the Male Empowerment Network (MEN), organized around the issues, values and beliefs that now mattered to just over half the population. People picked their own sides, and each had their own range of opinions. Aside from bureaucratic offices and the bare essentials, there was still no united front to truly deal with the change that the Fempocalypse brought.

Crystal sighed a little bit after she stopped thinking about how the world changed. She brushed away a strand of long blonde hair from her face and spent a moment checking herself over. She was standing at around 5'7" tall. Her straight blonde hair was nicely taken care of, and its lustrous healthy sheen could be apparent to everyone. Her face was cute, with large emerald green eyes, a small button nose and soft pink lips. Her build was rather sporty — she liked to exercise and made it her job to take great care of herself, and she'd almost joined an intramural sports team before things got out of hand. She was not super curvy, but her large B-cup breasts nicely complemented her frame. She was wearing skintight blue jeans and black tank top. Over that she wore short brown leather jacket. Overall, she thought, she was rather cute, though she was still not sure how much that meant in today's world. After she looked herself over one more time, Crystal continued on her way to her dorm.

When Crystal received her packet of information from Capital University to restart her freshman — or was it freshwoman? — year, she was informed her new roommate would be a changed girl, Rachel Lyles. She wondered how things would go, and since she didn't know many changed girls her age as an only child who'd been at home for months, it was going to be a learning experience for her. It was time, however, to face the music. She pulled the key that the housing office gave her out of its envelope, turned the key and opened the door to find herself staring face to face at a girl that looked... normal. Sure, her clothes were a little baggy, but it seemed like a year had been enough time for her to look like she'd always been a girl.

The girl that stood before Crystal was gorgeous. She knew that it was not rare for changees to become complete knockouts, but damn — she was actually a little bit jealous! The girl stood at around 5'8", just a bit taller than Crystal herself. Her hair was long and naturally wavy, though it did not seem as well taken care of as her own. It was messy and not carefully brushed - it looked a little bit unkempt. Her face was quite gorgeous with thin, feminine eyebrows, thick eyelashes, simply stunning dark blue eyes and soft, inviting lips. The girl's figure made her a complete bombshell. Her large DD-cup breasts seemed to be almost straining against the baggy jumper she was wearing - there really was no way she could hide that, even if she seemed to want to. It was hard to tell how thin she was under her clothes, but Crystal would bet that she had a nicely toned, thin tummy. Her hips were at least as wide as her chest, and the overall effect created a hourglass figure that Crystal was sure would make a lot of models green with envy. The girl seemed to blush a bit under Crystal's gaze, obviously feeling uncomfortable under scrutiny. As such, Crystal decided to spare the girl from further attention and extended her hand for a greeting.

"You must be Rachel. It's nice to meet you." Crystal offered a gentle smile to the girl before her.

Rachel extended her own feminine hand and shook Crystal's hand. "Ry—uh, Rachel." She blushed slightly. "Sorry, it is still sometimes...err... Well, you know..." she shrugged slightly with a weak smile on her face.

Crystal offered what she hoped was a supportive smile. "I can only imagine," she said gently. "While I can't relate personally to your... experience, like in all families, one of my parents had to get used to The Change as well." She sighed. "Look, I can imagine it is going to be awkward for both of us, and I get that even if almost a year has passed, you might still not be adjusted, so I will try to just give you as much space as you need. Just... don't hold me against you if I treat you like a normal girl, okay?" She smiled. "And, if possible, I really would like us to be friends. Sounds fair?"

Rachel smiled. "That is okay. All things considered, I should probably get used to the idea. I sometimes have hard time believing it still, though." She shook her head. "Anyways, I already unpacked. You okay with taking the right side?"

Crystal nodded. "That is understandable. And sure, no problem." She took a few moments to examine the room.

The room was not super large, but the furniture in it used the available space well. There was a single large window opposite to the entrance into the room with window blinds to hide the sunlight when necessary. Next to the window was a comfy looking couch. On the sides of the walls were two loft beds, each completely identical. Under the loft bed was a small wardrobe, a desk with several drawers, and a chair set next to a desk. Stairs leading up to the elevated bed had built-in drawers as well, so there was quite a lot of room to store things. In the middle of the room was a fuzzy warm dark blue carpet and in one of the corners was a small table with small TV on top of it. The walls of the room seemed like they were recently painted in a faint pastel pink color. Overall it was a rather comfy room, with all the essentials needed for a student.

Crystal quickly unpacked her things from the luggage she was carrying with her, neatly arranging her clothes and other essentials in the provided space. After she was done she looked at her roommate, who was browsing through something on her smartphone while sitting on the couch. An uncomfortable silence lasted for a few seconds before Crystal broke it.

"Would you like to go to cafeteria and have lunch?" she offered to her roommate.

Rachel blinked a bit and thought about it for a moment before her stomach loudly complained about lack of food, making the girl blush. "Er. Sure," she said with some embarrassment.

Crystal giggled a bit and smiled. "Well, let's go then!" The two girls left the room, locking it as they exited.

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