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2. Mother Knows Best

1. You Are What You Wish

Or: Always Clean Your Room

on 2005-07-30 13:42:28

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Karyn sat outside the school, waiting for Jon to show up. She certainly had hoped that Jon had come up with a way of reducing these gargantuan mounds on her chest. She could barely sleep with them. She looked over and saw Jon walking towards her.

"Hey Jon," she said, "You think of anything last night?"

"Nope," Jon said with a sigh, "But I thought we could put our heads together. I left the rock at home so there would be no errant wishing today."

"Good idea, but what if?"

"Relax," Jon said reassuringly, "I made a wish last night that you and I would become aware if a wish was made, and what that wish was. That way, if someone makes an errant wish, we can try to correct it."

"Good, sounds like a plan. Besides, who could find it in your room?"

Meanwhile....back at Jon's house. Jon's mother had entered his room to collect dirty laundry.

"Crimaniddly will you look at this place," she said, nearly stamping her foot in frustration. She walked around and bent over, picking up clothes here and there. As she picked up a pair of boxers, a nondescript rock came rolling out from under them. Jon's mother bent over and picked up the rock. Rolling her eyes, she placed the rock on the dresser, before she did she said...

"Sometimes I wish Jon had been born a girl, so he'd be more neater."

Back at school, Jon and Karyn instantly felt a tingling sensation in the back of their minds. Each one looked at the other, before Jon felt a wave of nausea sweep over him. Karyn looked on in horror as Jon shrank down in size to be the same 5'5'' height as Karyn. His hair grew down in waves, turning into a mixture of blonde and auburn highlights, as his face feminized and rounded. His waist caved in while his hips moved outward into a feminine position. Jon could feel all of his body hair singe off of his arms and legs and face, and at the same time felt his arms and hands shrink to a more feminine appearence, with half inch long nails painted in a pretty pink nail polish. Finally, Jon felt his chest spring outwards, growing outward until his breasts stopped at a C-cup. At the same time, he/she felt a sudden sucking sensation, as her cock was sucked up into her, becoming a pussy.

Next, Jon's tennis shoes changed to girlish flipflops. Her jeans fused together at the legs and came upwards to halfway above her knees to form a denim miniskirt. Her shirt changed into a smaller female one, while her boxers changed to frilly panties. Her undershirt then formed around her new breasts, turning into a supportive bra. Finally the transformation was over, and Jon just looked up at Karyn.

"What's the worst that could happen? Huh?"

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