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2. Karyn sneaks into Jon's room

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn the Tease

on 2005-07-16 03:36:07

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I drifted from dream to dream as the night wore on. But each dream seemed to end in Karyn grasping at her chest as her new voluptuous mammaries expanded in her bra...

Suddenly I was awake. I rubbed my eyes, trying to shake off the image of Karyn's new nipples poking through her top. Then there was a shuffling noise. Someone was in my room.

My heart pounding I lept up in bed, a stifled yell in my throat.

"Relax sherlock, it's me." said Karyn with a low chuckle.

She was standing in front of my opened window, a slight breeze ruffling her new, long blonde hair. I eased back down to a sitting position.

"I wish you would just shift into a very relaxed state of mind" she said.

I felt the tension ease from my body, the adrenaline of being suddenly awakened flow away.

"I also wish that you become very passive for the next hour or so, staying in bed, while we have our little fun." I could see Karyn's wide, white smile, even in the darkened room, as I suddenly felt as though the safest, best place in the whole world to be was my bed. The best bed.

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