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2. Mythos

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2005-07-13 18:39:20

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Jon couldn't sleep that night. He couldn't stop thinking about what the rock could do. He had dreams of Karyn becoming different things: A mermaid, a bird, having 3 sets of boobs, so many things. The next day Karyn came over. "So what's up for today?"
"I don't know..." Jon replied
"You want to test out the rock?"
"Ok, but we have to be careful and word our wishes right, so we don't screw each other."
"Let me go first." Jon handed Karyn the stone, not knowing what will happen to him. "Ok, I wish that for the next 10 minutes, Jon would become a centaruess, with C cup boobs." Then suddenly the rock glowed. Karyn looked a Jon and began to laugh. Jon's hair grew down to his shoulders, and a mane grew down his back. His pants burst open as two bulges grew from his bottom. They stretched out and became a pair of equine legs. A horse tail grew between his new legs. His front legs began to change to the shape of his hine legs. Fur covered his entire lower body. Then Jon began to feel a warm sensation between his front legs. His balls began to shrink and suck into his body. Then his penis inverted into a female organ. Then the sensation moved to the rest of his upper body, as he took on a more feminish tone. He felt a pain in his nipples as they grew almost 3 times the size. Two mounds began to form under his nipples. They grew to the size of Karyn's. Then it stopped. Karyn laughed as Joan trotted around his room. "Wow, this feels really good, Karyn. Now it's my turn"

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