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2. Testing it out Together

1. You Are What You Wish

Testing it out Together

on 2005-07-13 15:35:19

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The next day Jon and Karyn decided to skip school and meet at Jon's house. Jon's mom was single and usually didn't come home from work until 5:30.

At 8:00 Karyn knocked on Jon's door and Jon opened it, still half asleep, wearing his robe aned slippers.

"Hey Karyn. If we're skipping school we might as well sleep in, right? Come back in an hour."

Karyn walked into Jon's house. Her new hair, wrapped up in a pony tail which bounced with every step, managed to slap Jon in the face as Karyn walked past him.

"Jon? Are you kidding? You have a rock that grants wishes and you want to sleep?!"

As Jon rubbed his eyes he noticed that Karyn was wearing a rather provoctive outfit (at least for her). She was wearing her traditonal black sandals and capris pants but her blouse seemed to be extremely tight and form fitting, with a few buttons on the top unbuttoned to reveal her newly acquired cleavage. It made her look like a college girl.

"Karyn, what's with the sexy top? You don't normally dress like that. That's something your older sister would wear."

"Shut up. This is my regular top. It's just extremely tight now because of these new boobs. You know, it was hard to sleep last night with these giant things! I want to find a way to change them back after we play around first."

Play around? Jon walked over to the kitchen and poured some coffee. He wasn't as enthuisiastic about the rock as Karyn. Karyn sat down at the table and twirled her hair with her finger. She bit her bottom lip and looked at Jon with puppy dog eyes.

"So um... can we test out the rock now?"

Jon sipped his coffee. He sighed.

"Fine, but we have to be careful. Look what happened to you!"

Karyn giggled with joy. "Awesome! Okay. We'll be careful. Let's just test it out for a bit."

Jon pulled the rock out from the pocket on his robe. He had slept with it all night.

"Okay, from what my grandpa says, if one person makes a wish out loud, whomever hears that wish understands that reality has been altered. For those that did not hear the wish, they accept the wish as if it was the way things have always been."

"That's kind of scary."

"Tell me about it. We'd better test this thing out with some harmless wishes first."

"Okay," Karyn clapped her hands with excitement, "I have an idea. How about you go into another room, I'll make a wish and then you try and see what has changed?"

Jon scoffed at this idea.

"No Karyn... how about YOU go into the other room. You were the one that made the first mistake with the rock. Besides, this thing is my responsibility."

Karyn pouted. "Okay, FINE. But if I do this, and everything is cool, then can I make some wishes afterwards."

Jon thought about the idea and then smiled. "Sure."

Karyn immediately walked over and went into Jon's mother's room and shut the door. She yelled out from behind the door. "Okay! I'm ready!"

Jon thought for a moment. The possibilities were endless. He didn't want to do anything that might hurt her. Suddenly an idea popped into his head and he whispered into the rock.
After he finished he yelled at Karyn to renenter.

Jon waited eagerly to see if Karyn would notice the big change he'd made.
Slowly she pushed open the bedroom door and...

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