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2. Jenny

1. Altered Fates


avatar on 2008-01-11 20:16:23

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Hi. My name is Jenny. I found the medallion at an old yard sale. I thought it was kinda kitschy, so I took it home. A quick internet search told me what it was. I figure, wherever I post this, anyone reading about it already knows how the Medallion of Zolu works. Here's how I used it.

It'll help if I describe myself. I'm five-foot-seven, with long brown hair, hazel eyes, and when I was in high school, I was curvy. When I found the medallion, you'd describe me as dumpy. My husband Jody and I had been gaining weight since we married five years ago. He was looking a bit bad these days, too. He made me think of Meat Loaf with long hair. Neither of us had ever been thin, but our relationship was suffering. I don't think we turned each other on anymore.

I didn't want to tell my husband about the medallion, though I never really understood why I wanted it all to myself. I think I was afraid of finding out what he'd want me to change. I was insecure enough about myself back in my school days, so you can probably imagine how I felt about myself after I found it.

My plan was simple. I'd use the medallion to slowly, over the course of a couple months, change my body to the way I wanted it. It worked, too. It was August when I found the medallion, and by Thanksgiving, I was slim, busty, and comfortable with my body. It was really difficult not to make all the changes at once, but I didn't really want to answer any questions.

By Christmas, however, I could tell that Jody was feeling insecure. He started getting a bit possessive, a trait that was very new to him. He had trouble keeping up with me sexually, which made matters worse. Finally, I decided to give him the same treatment I got.

"Honey, do you want to try out the diet that worked for me?" I asked him one day. He didn't answer, and sulked for two days.

Finally, following a night of failed passion in bed, he broke into tears, and told me how he was afraid I didn't want him anymore, since I could obviously do so much better.

I love Jody, and couldn't even imagine being with anyone else, so I told him so. I also told him I was going to put him on my "diet" so he could feel better about himself, too.

I changed some of the things I cooked at home, and ordered for him when we went out to eat. Of course, the diet meant absolutely nothing, but he saw the changes pretty quickly.

Every Monday night, I'd use a brand new pair of pants with the medallion to drop an inch or two off his waist, and on alternating Mondays, I'd use a shirt to shrink him a bit in the tummy and shoulders. It took a little longer to get his weight down, and I had a lot of fine-tuning to do.

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