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2. A guy on vacation

1. Altered Fates

Making up for lost time.

on 2007-07-02 22:01:33

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Kyle shifted through the miscellaneous boxes of junk that littered the yard sale, he was killing time for his 'girlfriend' of sorts to get off of work. He had just taken a taxi to her apartment from the airport, only to find she forgot to leave him a key. So he followed the signs to a local yard sale to hopefully find something nice for her, so far the odds were not promising.

Kyle Sheriff was in town, visiting his long distance 'girlfriend' Abbie Warner's college for the weekend, this trip cost him well over 500 dollars in all, so he was definitely planning on making the most of their limited time. Especially the night. This garbage sale was definitely not making the most of his Saturday morning.

At least it wasn't until he spied a strange box. This box had a story in that mystified the college Freshman, and a solution that he deemed impossible.

Abbie and Kyle had been growing distant in the past months since they both went to different colleges. They had tried to make it work, but neither could really connect with the other's life anymore or understand what the other was going through. This medallion contained the perfect solution.

After Abbie and Kyle had their weekend together, she was going to do midterm exams at hes college before coming back to their hometown for christmas break, Kyle had already finished his exams and was going home directly on sunday from the airport. If they used this medallion to switch bodies, they could practice being each other all weekend, then Kyle could experience Abbie's life, better understand her, and salvage their relationship. Unfortunately, this also meant he'd have her period in 3 days, but if they could stay together, it would be worth it.

He paid the confused lady a dollar for the box, hiding his excitement at the prospects. His cell phone finally rang, Abbie was off work and was wondering why he wasn't outside her apartment. He told her he was coming, and ran off to his exciting weekend.

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