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2. a lonely young man

1. Altered Fates

topsy turvey

on 2007-03-18 22:54:46

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Richard see's the crowd gathered round the tables in a yard sale and decides to go in and have a look. He never expects to find anything of value it is just something to kill the time until he can return to his apartment and another evening alone with his wishes. Slowly he walks past the groups until he comes to a table. for some reason his eyes are drawn to rather plain black jewelry box.
he picks it up and sees the price tag and opens it. inside is a rather outragous piece of costume jewlery and a piece of paper. He reads the paper and he wonders if what is written could be true. Without a second thought he approchaes the woman who seems to be holding the sale and hands over a five dollar bill.
without a word he leaves the sale and starts the walk back to his apartement. As he walks through the city the two blocks to his home he could feel his soul lifting with hope. Maybe this was just what he needed but he wondered how things would turn out when he tried to see how the magic worked.

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