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2. Another Possibility

1. You Are What You Wish

Another Possibility

on 2005-07-01 04:50:37

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Jon finished up some cereal and tossed the bowl in the sink . His parents had already left for their respective jobs and his little sister Zoe wouldn't wake up till the last possible minute before school. Somehow she managed to get ready, decked out in the goth gear and make in five minutes. Admittedly Jon was up a bit early then normal, wanting to take some time to think about the rock with out his little sis bugging him.

Jon's attention was derailed as the front door opened, and Karyn walked in the house.

"Jon?" She whispered as she entered the house.

"Karyn," Jon replied to her at a normal volume, "I'm in the kitchen" Karyn walked in and smiled to Jon. Jon couldn't help but smile back at the newly endowed blonde.

"How's the, uh " Jon paused thinking of the right word.

"They're fine." Karyn sighed looking down at her wish-enlarged breasts. "I was kinda thinking we could maybe not go to school, and take the day to use the rock, and possibly find a way to reverse the wish I accidentally made about my self."

"I don't think that is exactly the best idea, Karyn," Jon replied caringly. "I mean I want to help you, but every wish would have effects we may not even have considered. And besides, if my parents found out I ditched a day of school, they'd be on my but."

"Hey, guy with the wishing rock" Karyn called sarcastically, "how are they going to find out."

"Oh, yeah, duh" Jon, kinda laughed it off remembering he could make a wish to legitimately not be at school. "You have an excuse in mind?"

"Hmmmm, I'm thinking maybe if you were too old to go to school, and hey older guy." Karyn smirked. "Plus I get a sneak peak at older Jon."

"I think I can do that", Jon smiled to Karyn. "I wish I was 21 years old"

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