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2. Greg and Nick

1. Altered Fates

Two twenty year olds

on 2007-03-10 02:55:07

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Greg and Sam walked over to the yard sale, looking for anything that might interest them. They had been friends since they were babies, and did everything together. Greg had always been the leader, and able to talk Sam into almost anything. While Sam was wandering around, Greg found the medallion in its case and read the note.

"Hmmm, interesting." he said. If it worked, it could be quite fun. One of the people running the sale walked by. "Excuse me maam, how much for this?" he asked.

"Um, how about a dollar?" she said to him.

"Deal." Greg payed the lady and walked over to Sam.

"Hey buddy, I've got to go pick some stuff up at the store, I'll se you back at the apartment later, ok?" he said.

"Um, sure." Sam said. "I'm gonna head back now, so I'll see you there when you get back." And with that, he walked off to the apartment. Greg, meanwhile, went to pick up some supplies.

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