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2. Body Swapper App: The Beginnin

1. The Drafting Board

Body Swapper App: The Beginning

avatar on 2019-09-16 18:21:38
Episode last modified by TheScienceWizard on 2019-09-16 18:22:15

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[out of story note: this was one of the stories deleted from, I'm re-uploading it here to give people a chance to add to it, each re-uploaded episode will be credited to the original author]
[light editing/corrections and merging of small/pointless chapters will happen]
[if you have any questions feel free to pop into the discord]

(Originally by Thrash)

Your name is Ron. You and your friend John have been planning on playing rock band this Friday night for a week now. Now its Friday and his sister Erika invited two of her friends over knowing full well of your guy's plans and they are using the TV to watch a scary movie instead.

You are now sitting bored on the sofa, playing with your phone and looking for new apps to download on the market place. You go to the free section and a new app catches your eye. It doesn't have any views or downloads yet but the name of it intrigues you. Its called the Body Swapper App and apparently it can allow you to swap body parts and things with other people or edit the sizes of them.

You start the app and it tells you to take a picture of someone to start. You aim the camera at your hand. After you take the picture a naked 3D image of yourself appears on the screen. You nearly drop the phone, this is crazy! It says you can take a picture of one other person so you aim at the back of Erika and a nude 3D image of her on the screen. It gives you options to swap parts between you two or to try individual modifications. You highlight Erika's breasts and put your finger on the touch meter. You slowly move it to the right and watch in amazement as her breasts start to grow before your very eyes. You move it back to normal and clear both of your bodies from the phone. This could be fun.

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