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17. Test drive

16. Rex's Place

15. Rex's Place

14. Loss of control

13. Going "home"

12. More Details

11. The Outside World

10. from Good Luck

9. Good Luck

8. Try the MAP out

7. my MAP

6. Entering Starting Point

5. Shocked

4. Enter – Epic City

3. Beginners Luck

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

The Fun Begins

on 2010-10-12 06:33:22

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Rex pulled me into the next room and threw me onto the bed.

He grabbed my MAP looking once again at my stats, I saw him type something in and then turn the screen to face me with a wicked grin smeared on his face. I read in horror as my avatar yelped in excited glee, "Reality Check removed until further notice."
Misty slowly worked her way to the edge of the bed forcefully removing Rex's pants in order to whip out his dick. She slid her "O" shaped mouth with her newly endowed cock sucking lips around the circumference of his shaft.
I was utterly shocked, I had a man's cock in my mouth... correction: I was sucking a man off. He worked my head up and down his hude member pulling my hair as he went. He ripped his dick from my throat spun me around, pulling my panties off in the process, and thrust deep inside my recently acquired pussy. I/Misty moaned as I (not forced by Rex) ground my sweet little slit back until I felt his balls repeatedly whack against me.
I was shocked that I could be enjoying this so much. I screamed positively pulsating with sexual energy as a felt him flood me with his cum. I heard i Wet 'Pop' as he slid me off his now flaccid penis. He walked over to his dresser and picked up what looked like a vial of smelling salts. After Removing the lid it became evident that there was some sort of liquid inside. He brought the container to my lips and slowly tilted it up...

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