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2. Gimme more... More! MORE!

1. You Are What You Wish

Lust for power.

on 2005-07-01 03:04:28

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Jon sat on the edge of his bed staring out into his yard. He found himself restless, exhilarated with all the possibilities something of this power brought. Like all who have power however, he wanted more.

"I wish "

Jon rolled the stone around in his hand as he thought of those two words and what they meant. Suddenly Jon was struck a moment of clarity.

"If this stone exists and uses magic, there must be something else somewhere that also uses magic. I wish that all of the worlds magic items would appear and easily fit in my room."

With that Jon felt something in the room change, the air smelled stale, and he found himself compelled to look away but since things were appearing all around him he found his eyes fixed to the floor. When Jon finally looked up he saw his room was littered with items. The stone even produced scriptures depicting what each thing did and laid them next to their corresponding item.

One thing caught Jon's eye. A dusty box lacking any type of description unlike the other things, however everything in the room had to have a story to tell.

"Hmm everything looks so good, I think I'll try this" Jon said like a kid in a candy store, and walked over to

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