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2. The future is now

1. You Are What You Wish

The future is now

on 2005-06-21 03:22:57

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The next day, Karyn and I just sat, for nearly an hour, just staring at the stone. She'd say, "what if we'd wish for this?" and I'd say, "no, how about we wished for that?" and she'd say "no," and we stared at the stone some more. It was getting ridiculous.

"I've got it," she said, "I've always wanted to see the future."

"You want to be a psychic?"

"No, Jon! Remember that movie, 13 going on 30?"

"That lame ripoff of Big?"

"Yeah, well, what if we made a wish along the lines of that?"

I couldn't see the harm. So, thinking carefully, I began, "I wish..."

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