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2. A man with a failing business.

1. Altered Fates

Saving the company?

on 2007-01-08 01:08:36

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Robert Martin walked up to the yard sale. He was depressed because his business was failing. He enjoyed going to yard sales. He found a small box on one of the tables and picked iy up. Inside was a cheap looking medallion and a note. Robert read the note and his eyes widened. Even if it was just some novely toy, he had to try. It may be able to save his business. He ran home, where he lived alone, and dug out one of his old shirts. He had last worn it a year ago. He put on the medallion and touched it to the shirt. He felt a tingle and when it subsided, he looked in the mirror and saw himself as he looked a year ago. He began to smile. "Now I can save my business. I just have to recruit some help." His business was a...

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