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1. Altered Fates

Louis is one messed up kid.

on 2006-12-06 22:11:08

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It was perfect, Everything was just as Louis planned it and now it was time for the fun to start. Whether it had been fate, if such a thing existed, or if he was just damn lucky, Louis didn't care but finding The Medallion and that magic dispelling wand in one weekend family visit was definately the best thing to have ever happened to him. Louis thanked every god he could think of when he found The Medallion of Zulo at that yard sale, hell he thought it was just something some geek on the internet made up, but their it was in all it's poorly made tarnished glory finding the wand in that magic shop was just wood to the fire that was his twisted deviant plan. He waited until spring break to do everything he'd always dreamed when none would notice the absence of his intended victim from school when no one would be their anyway. Ms. May, never was their anyone who should have been so ashamed but was so proud,23 and still a virgin he could clearly see why that was considering her figure. There was nothing notably unatractive about her but nothing really attractive either, it was as though puberty just got lazy and did the neccesary things. She was tall, skinny and had about as much in the way of as an eleven year old , her ass could be replaced with a CD case and nobody would no the difference, and her hips just seemed to be melted into the rest of her body. Yet somehow Louis always seemed attracted to her more so the any other female he'd ever met. She always made it her priority to let everyone she met know she still hadn't gotten any. And Now the history teacher with the biggest ego ever was , handcuffed to his bed, looking up at him terrified about to have everything she was so damn proud of about to get plucked from her like the the biggest ugliest weed in the garden. He had never been so happy that his parents weren't home,"get ready, I'm going to grant every wish you never knew you made."

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