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2. Good spirited exploration, gam

1. You Are What You Wish

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on 2019-09-02 17:26:00
Episode last modified by PixelTinker on 2019-09-02 17:26:28

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As Jon was walking to his home and a good night of sleep, his mind kept wandering. How could it not? With this stone, anything was now within reach. Power even greater than what he thought possible.
He was eager to use it, obviously, without even being able to pick a specific wish he would make ; his mind kept hopping from one wish to the next, engrossed and scared of breaking reality.
"With great power comes great responsibility", as they say, and he now had irreversible power over reality itself.

He'd have to be careful, learn about the stone and its limit, possibly loopholes or a reset switch before attempting anything too ambitious.

When he reached his home, he found his siblings on the couch. His sister Zoe watching TV while his little brother Mike was playing his Nintendo Switch, same as most evenings. He was relived: since his Mom was not
here yet, he didn't have to linger downstairs telling her about his day. He quickly made his way to his bedroom and locked the door behind him.

Even though he was scared of what he could mistakenly wish for with his stone, he was even more afraid of what could happen should the stone fall into unknowing hands. He hastily began looking for a safe place to hide it.

His bedroom was not very impressive, and kept subtle signs of the passing years:
his bed was for a single person, his computer now more appropriate for web-browsing and homeworks than videogaming, and his gaming console was a generation behind. He still had a guitare he picked up a few years ago, that was now covered with dust due to his lack of training. He was proud however of his book collection: he was an avid science-fiction reader - space operas, cyberpunk, dystopias, classics from Asimov, you name it.

He put the stone into the right drawer under his computer desk and covered it with some his least interesting books, assuming that no one would be curious enough to check underneath them. Risky, but that would have to do for now.

Then would be the second step: how could he make it so wishing was safe? That he would not regret any wish he made? He started up his computer and launched his favorite music streaming service.

"The 30-day trial for your premium account has ended, do you wish to subscribe to continue using our services?"

Never was he so relieved to see this kind of message! It was so obvious, but it might just work: Time-limited trials before giving a definitive 'go ahead' was the way to go.

Now, if only he could safely try this....

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