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2. origins

1. Altered Fates

the origin of the medallion

on 2006-07-25 02:51:43

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author's note: sorry if this contradicts the plot, the history of the medallion, or anything like that. i just thought it might be interesting to explain some things.

~~~a long time ago~~~

a man watched as six other men silently walked in. when they all had entered the stone circle, they silently sat down. after a minute of silence, the man, a mage known as Sinral, said, "welcome friends. it has been a long time since we met."

the other men muttered agreement. another mage, by the name of Syzygia, asked, "but why woulld you assemble the brotherhood of zulo, call upon its eight, or now seven brothers, on such a day as this? there is no immediate threat to our order, or to the world's well being."

"that," said Sinral, "is wrong. I would not call you, Pavonis, Indefletus, Nummulus, Nugax, and Sollers together just for pleasure. i have managed to gaze several thousand years into our, future, and both the world and our oreder are threatened! in fact, magic and all of its agents have been altogether wiped out in the future! men of the future make their own magic with metal, but for mostly violent means such as tearing each other apart. and we stand by idly and do nothing."

"what are you proposing we do?" said Pavonis, a mage who was known for his pride.

"we must create," said Sinral, "a way to live on. some thing that will cause the brotherhood of zulo to live on."

after a long debate over the matters of this sinral's proposal, the magicians came to an agreement that sometihng had to be done. Sollers, the crafter mage,
sugguested making talismans that would inspire the secret of the order to come alive again through the wearer. it was agreed upon. the first thing that the mages would work upon was a cheap looking medallion with a angel- like figure scratched on it. perfectly inconspicuous, abd it would survive the ages with only tarnish to tell its tale.

so, for seven days, (it would take seven days for each talisman, as it would with every other known talisman), the wizards toiled and chanted over the medallion. they might have stopped if they knew they were being watched...

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