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2. Karyn the Wishgranter

1. You Are What You Wish

Saftey Precaussions

on 2005-05-27 17:48:21

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Jon walked up the school's front lawn and only spotted Karyn with some difficulty. She looked so wierd now with her blonde hair and big boobs; she didn't look like Karyn at all. When she began to talk, even though she had the same voice, Jon was less at ease.

"Jon, I have this great idea, we could --"

"Wait, Karyn. This thing," He held up the stone, "is far too dangerous. We can't just go around making crazy wishes we can't undo."

"Oh, don't spoil the fun, Jon-boy. Worst case scenario, Sarah McMillian dies." Karyn paused, "Actually, that's the best case scenario."

"I never said we couldn't make wishes. I just don't think we can make wishes with this stone."

Karyn cocked her head, "Oooh, ANOTHER wishing stone!"

"Sorta. See, I realized last night that there's an inherint problem with wishing stones. They can be lost or stolen, right. I came to the conclusion that the easiest solution is to just give ourselves the power to grant wishes; wishes we can undo."

"Jon, your plan is foolproof. Now stop with the exposition and start with the wishing already."

Jon sighed. He tried to prepare himself for this all day. He knew Karyn was going to hate this part. Hell, he was going to hate this part. Jon sighed again and convinced himself this was temporary. "All right, Karyn. I wish that you had the power to grant wishes."

There was a frightening silence for a moment; everything around them stopped. Karyn stared at Jon with wide eyes and a gaping jaw. Then, a wind gushed around Karyn and she blew apart into glttering sand and swirled into the spout of a newly made bronze lamp.

Jon breathed in deeply. He had just turned his best freind into a genie, but he had little time to think about it; class was about to begin. Carfeully, he placed both Karyn's lamp and the wishing stone into his backpack and walked to the main entrance.

Sarah McMillian walked around the tree and watched Jon walk off. "So little Karyn is a little genie now . . ."

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