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2. Holly and Sam

1. Altered Fates

Holly and Sam

on 2006-02-05 16:42:52

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Holly and Sam were brother and sister only 1 year apart. Their parents split and each child was joint custody with their parents. Their mother, Briana, a former model, was a bit of an alcoholic and their father, Paul, was a womanizer.
Paul's cheating had led her to drink and divorce. Paul was fairly wealthy so each of them had their own room at each house.
Sam lived with his father durring the school year and lived with mom during the summer. Holly was the opposite. Each year they got to spend a week at the beginning of summer with dad and a week at the end of the summer with mom.
Sam hated his father for being such a jerk all the time. He felt his mother had really gotten treated poorly.
Holly really missed her dad most of the time.
One day near the end of summer Holly went to a yard sale, she stumbled across the Medallion and picked it up. After a day or two of playing with it of playing with it she came up with a plan. She had enjoyed spending the summer with her father and Sam was dreading going back. Sam said that dad but on a pretty face for her and that he wasn't as great as she thought. She decided it would be best if Sam didn't know but she was sure he would appreciate the break.
Besides this was the senior year for both of them (Sam had repeated 10th grade because of rebeling against his father by not going.)
The night before he was to go home and she was to stay for another year in school here she and Sam went out with some of their friends.
They all got drunk. Holly's boyfriend Mark broke up with her saying that they were too young and something about his going to college. Sam's friend Trevor came to her while she was crying outside and tried to comfort her. Drunk they started making out until she came to her senses and dragged her intoxicated brother home. She lead him quietly up the stairs and tucked him into her bed.
She opened the jewlery box on her night stand and pulled out the Medallion.
"I don't have a reason to want to be here." she whispered, and she gently touched her brother with the medallion.
Sam woke up briefly during the change but fell back to sleep thinking it a drunken dream. After the change she kissed him on the forehead. She was Sam now.
"I think this will be a better year for both of us."
She wrote him a note and retired to his bedroom.
She was awoken early by her father. They decided to let Holly sleep. They had said their goodbyes last night. By 9am they were on a flight home to the east coast.

Sam started to wake up around 10:30am. Everything smelled like his sister. The sheets felt oddly soft. He wasn't one to open his eyes until he felt ready but a piece of paper crinkled under his face. He reached for his face and scratched his cheek with a fingernail.
"Ouch!" that wasn't his voice. He had instintually rubbed his face and it was so soft he was confused.
He opened his eyes and realized he was in his sister's bed, everything seemed wrong somehow. The room seemed bigger. He rolled his legs out of bed. These were not his legs.
He stumbled foreward towards her dressing table and looked at the mirror.
He touched her face in the mirror. How could he be Holly?
On the glass in lipstick was written.

Sam, read the note on the bed. -Holly

Sam turned....

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