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2. An agent of the Foxtrot Corpor

1. Altered Fates

The mission

on 2005-12-28 00:01:40

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Niles Perrybrook, checked the satelitte recon photos. They had been tracking Whitmore for months. This Medallion of Zulu was of interest to Lars Foxtrot. That was all Niles needed to know. That was all that Niles cared.
Upon arrival at the yard sale he was dumbfounded to discover the medallion as an item for sale. He quickly paid for it sealed it in a container and had it delivered directly to the home of Lars Foxtrot.

Lars smiled when he got the call. He would use the medallion to regain his youth and then to toy with his employees.

He fantasized about ways to mess with people's lives from a distance.

One of his favorite pet projects was a low level manager in the company named Cary Kline. Through contracts and red tape he had managed to trap him in his position and would spend hours each day creating new stressful situations to observe him in. He loved messing up paper work to show him as a girl when he would travel to new locations. The medallion brought up a new possibility.
His new plan involved staging an accident but in reality using the medallion to change him into a woman. The company would gladly take care of any ID problems, set him up to continue his job, and work dilligently to find a "cure".
Lars favorite part of the plan was making sure everyone in the company knew what happened to poor Carrie.

Later, Cary Kline walked into yet another site of the Foxtrot Corporation. He was middle management but what he really was was whatever was needed at the time. He didn't know anything about chemical trancendent phase variance inducers and just hoped that he didn't screw something up again....

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