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2. poor john

1. You Are What You Wish

when one trys to do good.

on 2005-04-29 20:29:13

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John didn't want to use the rock for bad. So many others would do that. Heck some many others probably had done that. That got him to thinking what if something so big was changed and he or anyone else never knew of it. Think if this place was better or worse at one time. Or maybe just different. What if's running though his head got him scared. SO MANY things may not be the way they should be. Was that bad or good? It was too much. He decided he needed a walk to clear his head.

On his walk he passed by a lady crying on a bench. He didn't know what was wrong and didn't want to make a bad wish to find out so he continued on. Further on he saw a kid very sad and a teenage girl crying. Whats with all this pain he thought. It is just not right. He should make it stop since he had the power shouldn't he? He thought it over and realized so many were experencing emotional pain in the world. He thought of all those nights after his dad left, when his mom was crying and hurt. He wanted it to stop. And he could do something about it. So he did. "I wish I was the only one alive who knew of emotional pain" (he said alive becuase he didn't want something with the undead that would be bad. He said he would know of it becuase who knows the raminfications of getting entirly rid of a human emotion.) What happend was the rock got warm the stoped. John wondered if he would notice a difference soon then IT hit him. So much pain and sadness he felt. He could hold back he was in tears (and he almost never cries.). He held it back some but wondered why he was feeling this way. SO he wished he knew what exaclt happend. Then he heard a voice in his head. " You wanted know one but you to know of all the pain so I had to take it from everyone and with know where to put it I had to give it to someone. The only avaible person was you. Yet since there is so much pain in this world it has totaly covered all your other emotions. You are unable to feel anything, but emotional pain." John was overwhelemed. How can he revserse this? should he? Eveyone else was better off and he wanted others happy. Not knowing what to do he returned home. When his mom came up to him and said "I know it is had being the soul barrer of emotional pain so I made you a cookie." She said with a smile. His my was happyier then he had ever seen her. He just couldn't make her hurt again. And it appers she know of his trouble so others must know as well. Maybe others will be as nice as she was. He could hope. Feeling so down and it still being the same day as before he decided to go to bed. What was instore for poor, sweet, John the next day?

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