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2. Where have I seen this before?

1. You Are What You Wish

Deja Vu

on 2005-03-29 21:37:26

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As Jon made his way back home he was hit with an overwhelming sense of Deja Vu.Everything he saw,it was like he'd seen it hundreds of times before.The bird that was flying over head,the car that was being towed,the two kids bouncing a ball.Everything just felt so familiar.And it didn't end there.

When he got home the feeling actually got stronger.The shoes that were left by the door,the sound of a car driving past his house,it all echoed in his mind as things he'd experienced before.

Entering his room the feeling grew stronger still.It was all so overwhelming,he had to sit down,but before he did,his gaze fell upon the wishing rock,safely inside it's box.He opened the box up,and placed his hand on the rock,and then the feeling of Deja Vu grew still stronger,and Jon passed out.

He awoke to find Karyn shaking him."Jon?What happened?" she asked."My head." Jon moaned."It was like Deja Vu,but so strong!Then..." Jon struggled to remember.."Then I grabbed the rock and I passed out!"

"I've never heard of Deja Vu doping something like that.Deja Vu is just an infintismal lag between to synapses that are used to functioning simultaneously.That's all,just a trick of the mind."

"I know what I felt." Jon groaned,pulling himself up to sit on his bed."Why are you here anyways?"

"I was hoping to use the rock.I just couldn't wait until tomorrow."

"I guess that makes sense.First I want to use the rock to find out why I felt like I did." Jon said,and grabbed the rock."I wish,I knew why I had such a strong feeling of Deja Vu."

The stone flashed,Karyn and Jon looked away,and Jon's jaw dropped.
"Well?What did you find out?" Karyn asked.

"W-w-w-w-we...You,I,it....Wow!" Jon stammered.


"I,I mean we...we've lived today over a hundred times before.No,maybe a thousand times.Just so many..."

"Jon?You not making any sense."

"You've been evil!And I've been evil...and the rock!" Jon said,forcing himself to drop it."It's been REALLY evil.And it's been good.We both have really.And.."

Karyn grabbed Jon by the shoulders."Chill out Jon!What did the rock show you?"

"Right.It showed me all the times you and I...and Sarah,and Zoe,and Mikey,and a kid named Robin...and...." Jon shook himself."It showed me all the times the rock has been used since I first got it.And we messed up Karyn.We made LAOT of bad wishes."

"The only wish I made was the one I made by accident earlier." Karyn stated.

"Time has been rewound over and over and over again.We keep making mistakes,and then making more mistakes trying to fix the first ones.And every time we realize how badly we messed up we rewind time.We always bring ourselves back in time to just after you make your wish.But everytime we forget to keep our memories.And every time the world is just a little different.SOmetimes I have a brother named Mikey.SOmetimes a sister named Zoe.Sometimes you take the rock for yourself.SOmetimes I use it for very bad things.Sometimes it's stolen,sometimes it's lost.Sometimes one of us becomes evil!Sometimes the rock becomes evil!Do you understand what I'm saying Karyn?"

"Your saying that we've misused the rock,and then tried to fix things by restarting time?If that's true,we'll just have to be careful this time.You know what we've done wrong,so we can make sure never to do those things again.Ok?" Karyn asked Jon,who was now shaking.Karyn guessed that all the memories were to much to handle.She looked at the stone,resting on the bed,and at her friend who seemed to have been traumatized by what he saw,and decided..........

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