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2. confronted by a bully

1. You Are What You Wish

Confronted by a bully

on 2005-03-20 00:45:51

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As Jon was walking home he turned to walk down an alley he normally walked through. Before he started down it, though, he lookd cautiously. Blake Garner, one of the schools meanest bullies had begun hanging out in the area. Jon slowly started walking and just as he got to the half way point he was startled by a harsh chuckle."Going somewhere, Runt?" Jon paled as he heard the harsh voice from behind him, even as two other large boys stepped in front of him. "I can't let them get the stone!" He thought in a panic, never even THINKING he could use it to save himeslf. He quickly pulled it out and popped it into his mouth, swallowing it. "HEY! The little puke just ATE something!" the smallest of the bullies cried out. as Jon swallowed he felt a strnge tingling that began in his belly and spread through his body.Blake walks up to Jon, shaking his head. "It's only THIS little shit..I wish it would have been a cute girl instead." Suddenly, with a sinking feeling, Jon fels a rush of magic course THROUGH his body..It seems that the stone has absorbed INTO him and now whenever he hears someoe utter the words 'I wish" it comes true..and he can do NOTHING to stop it!"

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