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2. Mark

1. Altered Fates


on 2005-12-07 14:53:24

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Mark, an 18 year old 6 foot guy entered the sale. He'd found himself bored, and had strolled into the sale. He rummaged through the random items in an attempt to find something that would occupy him.

From a distance, Elanor, also 18 watched him, she was a fairly attractive girl with brown hair and 'A' cup breasts, she'd desired Mark for so long, but she'd never had the courage to ask him out, and he already had a girlfriend named Vicky, and beautiful dark-haired girl with 'C' cup breasts. Elanor knew she would have to get rid of Vicky or simply talk directly to Mark in order to make him hers.

Mark meanwhile finding nothing of real interest settled for purchasing a rusty old Medalion thing if only for a talking point. The woman at the counter apologised for the missing letter that accompanied it, Mark said it was okay and paid for the medalion before leaving.

As he left, Elanor noticed a piece of paper on the floor, it read 'medalion of zulo' followed by a list of instructions. Elanor read through it, then rose with a smirk.

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