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2. Plain Jane

1. Altered Fates

Plain Jane

on 2005-12-07 05:14:15

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That's what they all called her. That's who she was. Jane is your average 14 year old in just about every way. She stood about 5'2", 130 pounds with shoulder length straight mousy brown hair, and brown eyes. Jane is what many would call a late bloomer. Her breast are barely noticable in clothing, and when Jane looks at herself in the mirror all she basically sees are nipples. She got her first period less than a year ago; the last girl amongst her group of friends. A group that was fairly large, as Jane was well liked by her fellow female classmates. The males were another story. It wasn't that they didn't like her; it was more they didn't notice her because all of her other female classmates looked more womanly. Jane was still very much a "girl" in appearance. If this wasn't enough to lower her self esteem, there was her sister Courtney and her brother Tom. Courtney, or as her friends in school were now calling her, Miss February, was just voted Playmate of the Year and the voting wasn't even close. Courtney was the opposite of Jane at 5'7", 125 pounds with platinum blonde hair and the bluest eyes. Her measurements are 36D-24-36 and she has been called the next Marilyn Monroe. Quite alot for an almost 20 year old to live up to. Nevertheless, Jane and Courtney were as close as sisters could be. It was their common sexual curiosity that led to this closeness as it was Jane's nude photos of Courtney that were sent to the magazine. Tom was Jane's All-American quarterback brother who was in the running for the Heismann trophy and almost certainly will be a very rich man after next years draft. Tom was the kind of guy who made women swoon. He was 6'2", 220 pounds with light brown hair and blue eyes. While she was close to her brother, Jane didn't share the same closeness like she did with Courtney. She always found her brother more facinating, though, as he would be considered by many to be a perfect male specimen. No she wasn't attracted to her brother, but she wondered what it would be like to be him. Jane always had a facination in that she always wondered what it must be like to be a man. She and her sister had this conversation many times. How different it must be to view the world from a male perspective. What it would feel like to have a penis. What it would be like to find women attractive. Courtney always wondered what it would be like to walk down the street and not draw atttention. At least twice she caused a pile-up just because a motorist was trying to take a second glance at her. Jane facination led her to the internet and to porn sights. She loved to watch the free previews to see the guys hard cocks and their orgasms spewing semen. "How does that feel?" she would always think. Knowing this was something she would never be able to experience, she often wondered what it must be like to be shapely like Courtney. She hoped that she shared the same magnificent body genes that Courtney had. Especially the big breast gene.

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