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2. A Strong Wish

1. You Are What You Wish

Mothers Curious Nature

on 2005-03-07 07:13:30

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The next day Jon got up and went to the bathroom to take his shower as he usually did. He fought the desire all night to use the stone to get anything he wanted. Money, power, respect, Karyn as his hot new girlfriend...anything. But he waited so that he could make wishes with Karyn. She was his best friend and besides it only made sense to have a second person there to get some help on the way to word things. Not that Karyn was that good at it to begin with as she had already proven. So as he was in the shower his Mom came in to take up his clothes from the previous day to wash them. As she did she found a small stone that had fallen out of a box in Jons pants. She picked it up not thinking about it along with the clothes. She would put it on the kitchen table for him at breakfast and see if it was his. As she walked into the laundry room she saw that the washer had once again shook itself away from the wall again. She walked over to the washer with clothes and everything in her hands and tried to bump it back with her ample hips with no results. "I bet Jon could move this thing back and he's not even that old. Hell I am a fully grown adult and I can't budge it even with these big hips of mine. That's not fair at all. Sometimes I wish that males and females would just trade sizes and shapes for a day. If girls were tall and muscular and guys were short and had girls muscles then things would definitely be different. Plus it would serve them right to see what it's like to have thick thighs and chubby arms instead of hard girls have to put up with. And hell while I am wishing for impossible things I wish guys had wide hips instead of women while they had to put up with being all short and soft. Oh forget it I am not budging this thing. I wish this washer would stop shaking itself out from the wall everytime it goes into the spin cycle." The flash hit and Jons Mom dropped the clothes and everything on the ground and walked out oblivious to the changes that happened to her body. Oblivious that is til she got back into her room. However it was Zoe, Jon's goth sister that was standing in the doorway that DID notice the changes. Since she was privy to hearing the wishes she knew what was happening. Plust with her involvment with the occult she could tell from the stone aura that is was the stone that had just performed this small miracle for all womankind. "The stone made me this way huh?" With that she flexed her large muscular arm. She silently thanked her Mom not only for making the wish but being so stereotypical about it too and making girls extra strong and guys extra girly. She picked up the stone and went into her room and made a quick wish on what the rules were to use it and what limitations it had. She suddenly had a flow of knowledge unlike anything she had ever experienced. "Well now that we understand all there is about the rock and Jons involvement I think we should make this a little fun. I wish that there was a rock still in the laundry room that looked just like this one but other than looking like this one had nothing in common with the wishing stone and no power whatsoever. I also wish that Jon and Karyn didn't think that the change between males and females was always like this and that they had full knowledge of men and women being the way they were before my mother made her wishes." A scream could be heard coming from the bathroom where Jon was and then the phone started to ring. "That would be Karyn calling to figure things out. This should be really fun. But you know Mom that wish for things to be like this for one day was just not broad enough. I like the way things are right now and can't wait to see what things are like in the world now. But one day....hmmmm that will never....EVER do."

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