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2. Jon's kinky wishes

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's kinky wishes

on 2005-02-23 16:56:27

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When Jon got home that night, he was beside himself with excitement. He was able to try something that he'd always wished for but knew that it would never happen.

Whenever he was surfing on the net, he loved to go to "headswap" sites, where people submitted pictures of themselves, and other people transplanted them digitally onto other peoples bodies, usually of the opposite sex. Jon had always been turned on by these pictures, and now was his chance to try them out for real!

"I wish..." he began, then stopped. He had to word this carefully. "I wish that I was able to change parts of the body and clothes between different people and that any changes that happened would not be noticed by the people they happen to. All I have to do it think of the swap, and it would be done. I can reverse the swaps by saying out loud the word 'unswap'."

There, that should do it. Now to try it. He reached under the bed, and got out an adult magazine that he had been hiding from his mom. He turned the pages, and found a picture of a sexy blonde twenty-ish year old, wearing nothing but a white suspender belt and stockings, and white high heeled shoes. He also found a photo of himself. He thought of swapping faces with the sexy lady, and then opened his eyes. The picture of the naked woman in the magazine, was the same, but now the face belonged to Jon! So that would mean...Jon rushed to the mirror and looked at himself. Staring back was the face of the model from the porn mag.

Jon returned to the mag. What else could he do? He thought of a few more swaps, and, after this, the model in the magazine had Jon's legs, penis and breasts. Jon felt the model's breasts on his own body, and rubbed the vagina nestling between his legs. He smiled broadly. It worked!

"Unswap" he said, and he looked at the picture. The ladies face stared out from a normal ladies body.

Jon took the rock and went out. This was going to be fun!!!

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