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2. A Fraternity Boy

1. Altered Fates


on 2005-09-09 03:27:22

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Back at college to start his third year, Mike continued unpacking in his new room. He finally had enough seniority to get a spot on the third floor of the Fraternity house. His roommate and best friend, Joe, would be arriving later in the day.

Opening a rubbermade tub, Mike found the black case he picked up at his neighbor's yard sale over the summer. It just looked like something that should be in his room. Great place for rolling papers, or condoms, or whatever. As he held the case, Mike realized he haddn't opened it yet, and set about fumbling with the lock.

Mike felt some genuine surprise to find a dull bronze metal tapped to the felt at the bottom of the case. He peeled back on the brown packing tape, and the metal came out, revealing a neatly folded note underneath.

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