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2. tough life

1. You Are What You Wish

House improvements?

on 2005-02-08 02:22:50

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"Mom, I'm Home" yelled Jon as he came in the door and swung to the right to head upstairs.

He reached the second floor where the bedrooms were and almost flattened his older sister, Barbara.

"She's not home jon" Barbara looked like she was on the edge of tears.

"What do you mean she's not home, tonight's family night, we need to cream her in whatever game she thinks she might have a chance at." Ever since our father died, Mom, Barbara, Zoe and I, (and sometimes Mindy and Mandy, our cousins) would have a game night. It was tradition. it was usually the best meal of the night, the most fun, and sometimes we'd have guests over.

"She had to work late, it's tax season and the bank let 2 of the other analysts go, so Mom was drafted. she'll be working late until at least Mid-may she said."

"Crap, that means we won't be able to do that much after school, and she's going to be dead on her feet."

I knew that Mom was always struggling to keep the house, and to make sure we were well fed, and put aside for college, but she couldn't keep going like this>

All of a sudden i felt small arms wrap around my torso. Looking down, I saw my little sister Zoe suddenly hugging me. "I's not fair, why is Mr' greesy mean to Mommy." Mr Grayson was Mom's boss, but Zoe (and eventually the rest of us) called him Greesy.

"I don't know hon" I said as I soflty hugged her back

Barbara then walked around us "I'm going to make some dinner before I go deliver some more phone books" She said as she headed downstairs. Barbara's income went to keeping the car going, and she also managed to make some for a decent clothes budget.

"Go help Barbie" I said, pushing Zoe towards the stairs.

"She doesn't like that name" Zoe giggled.

"Then go help Madame Le'babs, and be quick my dear, tut tut" I said, faking a slight British accent.

After Zoe left, I went into my room, and set my backpack down. I then pulled out the wishing stone.

"I wish ........

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