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2. Smart Start

1. You Are What You Wish

Smart Start

on 2005-01-26 16:19:43

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Jon was deciding on what wishes to make, he knew that they had to be smart and there had to be ways of one protecting the stone and reversing any wishes.

After a couple of hours Jon's planned wishes were the following:

"I wish that the stone would become hidden from the world but also would return to me whenever I say the word ardvark."

"I wish that the stone would listen to me in any form I am."

"I wish that a three ring binder would appear and for every wish made a new page would be added to the binder."

"I wish that if I ripped out a page from the binder the wish on that page would be reversed."

"I wish that I would always know where the binder and stone are."

"I wish that the binder would look like something that everyone except for me would find boring therefore not interested in looking at."

Jon happy with wishes put the binder in his bookbag with the rock and headed to school to meet up with Karyn.

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