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2. The Mystery Unfolds

1. You Are What You Wish

It Was Murder!

on 2005-01-26 13:32:52

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Unfortunately I knew better than to believe the letter I allegedly received from my Grandpa. He wasn't exactly missing. He was found dead in his garden with a knife in his back. At least that's what the detectives told me, so it was rather odd that I should receive this letter around the same time as he was murdered.

Oh, once I realized the power of the stone I used it at once to change back to normal, and thankfully I did change back too or else I'd be in one heck of a fix turning up missing at the time of my Grandpa's murder. Why, the detectives might think I did it!

So the thing was, as intrigued as I was by the amazing magical power of the stone, I had to pick and choose when to use it, and now just wasn't the right time.

The murder weapon as it was described to me, was a green handled dagger with a swively blade. The kind of blade that snakes up and down in a long wavy pattern, and not just that but it had markings on it that made it appear to be something from Celtic origin or else something right out of a costume shop. And the blade was heavey, too. Nearly fifteen pounds of lead, that's right, lead. Dark and poisonous and heavy as hell, and whoever weilded it must have been a madman or at least halfway off his nut to go to all the trouble he did to kill Grandpa with a thing like that.

Still, the police didn't tell me everything because some of the things they wanted to keep secret so they could verify the criminal in case he struck again. It was real ritual stuff though from what rumor told me. Weird stuff, unholy stuff, and as wicked a crime scene as you'd ever seen in your life.

So I changed back to normal and hid the magical artifact out in the old well house back by the creek where I hoped no one would find it, and I waited . . .

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