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2. Jon's snotty older sister find

1. You Are What You Wish

Jessica's Turn

on 2005-01-13 17:10:27

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Jessica woke up late that Saturday. It was good to sleep in, she thought, after a week of cheerleading practice, and the football game last night. As she climbed out of bed, wearing a silky pink nightgown, she checked her list of things to do. Call Sarah, hang out at the mall. Same old thing.

Jessica put on her bathrobe and walked down the hall to the bathroom, passing her brother's room on the way. He was gone, probably hanging out with his loser friend Karyn. "God, how can I be related to such a geek?" she thought to herself as she went in and looked at the Star Wars posters covering his walls. As she was walking out, something caught her attention. She picked up the small box on his bedside table and opened it up, looking at the polished rock that sat inside.

"Wow, that's pretty," She thought, and without a second thought carried the rock back with her to her room.

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