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2. Eleanor

1. Altered Fates


on 2005-07-21 13:16:11

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The medalion was eventually bought by Eleanor, she was a fairly attractive girl with brown hair, she was fairly short and had 'A' cup breasts, she hated her small breasts. As she looked across the road, she saw Mark walking with Vicky, Eleanor frowned, she had a huge crush on Mark, but he was in love with Vicky, who was an average height for a girl, had black hair and 'C' cup breasts, she was a nice girl, but Eleanor was envious of her. She went home and inspected the box containing the medalion, with it came a peice of paper, she read it. It explained how anyone wearing it, when coming into contact with a peice of clothing would then change into that person in the space of two minutes, and the effects would last until the owner (her) willed it to be undone, She smiled to herself, with this she could finally make Mark hers! She went over to her wardrobe and fished out an old bag with some items of clothing in.

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