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2. Hearts Desire

1. You Are What You Wish

Hearts Desire

on 2005-01-12 12:10:58

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Karl Kelly watched as Jon slopped off across the yard and thought about what he'd just heard. It wasn't surprising that both Jon and Karyn hadn't noticed him despite the fact that he'd been standing almost right on top of them, everyone over looked Karl, almost like he was invisible, and in a way he was; small, shy and quite with nondescript feature he just seemed to fade into the background. Well except when he really needed to, like when some bully wanted a punching bag or a teacher needed a flunky. But suddenly that quality had finally paid off, presenting him with a golden opportunity to set his life straight, if he just had the guts to take it.

Steeling himself, Karl set off at a fast trot after Jon. Quickly catching up to him, Karl managed to get right behind him with out him noticing, seeing the box poking out of his pocket, Karl simply reached out and stopped waking.

With the box firmly clasped in his hands, watching Jon walk away oblivious to what had just happened, Karl felt both a surge of elation and a twinge of guilt. Unlike a lot of people Jon and Karyn had always been pretty good to him. Resolving to do something nice for them one he got his own life in order, Karl turned and headed for home

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