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2. Outsmarted by the stone

1. You Are What You Wish

Outsmarted by the stone

on 2005-01-12 09:50:03

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"Hey Jon, how was your day?" my mother asks as i open the door. She doesnt know about the powers of the stone, and I wasnt exactly planning on letting her in. It's dangerous enough in my own hands. I can just imagine her trying to make the perfect little son out of me with some of the irreversible wishes.

"Same as always ma. One more boring day of school. I'm heading to my room to do some homework, can you call me when dinner's ready?" I ask her while heading up the stairs. I think a reply was given, but it was lost as i closed the door to my room.

Karyn had given me an idea, but I had to be a lot more careful. I've always desired to be a little taller. And a bit more muscles wouldn't be unwelcome either. I've always had a bit of a lopsided grin that i wouldnt mind getting rid of either. And a whole lot of other little things i didnt like about myself. But what if I didnt like the outcome of my desires. There'd be no turning back. What if there was a way to try out how others live? With the right wording my new form might not be final.

Carefully picking my words so the new me wouldnt be stuck, i carefully take the stone from the box and say: "I wish I be whomever i desire at any given moment!" The stone glows briefly and a tingle runs through my entire body. That's was rather strange. The stone hadn't glowed before, had it? Then again, the previous times i automaticly looked away, while now i was the subject of the wish. That might have something to do with it.

I almost start wishing to be a little taller when i realise i still have the stone in my hand. I carefully place it back in the box and look for a suitable place to hide it. Just when i found the perfect spot and placed the box there i hear my mom calling. "Just great" I think to myself, "now i'll have to wait till after dinner."

Dinner was rather uneventfull, and after cleaning up and watching tv for a while i remembered my wish, made my excuses and went back to my room. "I want to be taller!" i said to myself. Nothing happened. Thinking back on the wording of the wish i understood the mistake i made. Desiring to be taller wasnt a person, and the wish specified i had to desire a person.

Trying again i thought: "I want to be a taller version of myself" I looked in the mirror, but didnt see any difference. Maybe it has to be an existing person? "I want to be Johnny Depp!" Still nothing... Maybe it could only work wishes that where instantanious? Ah well, better sleep on it. Maybe Karyn would have some ideas tomorrow.

The following morning i met Karyn at the yard again. She'd gotten rid of the baggy sweater and was now wearing some tightfitting clothes that showed off her new curves. For a moment i felt my member stiffening from yearning desire, but the feeling faded quickly, leaving me feeling very odd.

Karyn's mouth dropped open and exclaimed:....

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