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2. I didn't mean it like that!

1. You Are What You Wish

Howling Nightmares

on 2004-06-30 07:50:52

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Jon sat on his bed as the moon rose, he fingered the stone as he thought about the trouble the stone had caused. Slowly he rose sliding over to the window he looked out, then over at his phone, h wanted to call KAren, ask how she was doing since the blond wish and absently his mind wandered as a wolf howled...

"Man i wish Karen and I could talk to each other like that..." the warm sensation creaped over them both and John felt his ears grow long poking out as wolf ears as hsi throat began to tickle, on instinct he let out a long howl.

~At Karen's
Karen was awoken suddenly by Jon's voice, she scurried overr to her window as if it was natural, as she was outside the awareness range. And her wolf ears twitched as they interpreted the howl to english

"I was just sleeping Jon, is their something wrong?" She howled back...

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