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2. Two Is Better Than One ... Rig

1. You Are What You Wish

Twice The Wishes (Or Twice The Trouble)

avatar on 2004-06-16 23:04:54

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Jon awoke the next morning to his doorbell ringing.

"Who could it be at," he looked at his clock, "5:30?"

The doorbell continued to ring.

"Uhh," Jon grunted, as he got out of bed and walked downstairs.

He opened the door to see Karyn standing outside.

"Karyn! Do you know what time it is? Good thing my mom is out of town. She'd be going nuts right now."

"I know it's early, but I wanted to get a jumpstart on the day."

"You want to use the stone, in other words."

"Well, yeah," said Karyn.

"You know, I want to use it too," Jon pointed out.

"Yeah." Karyn thought for a moment. "Why don't you wish for another wishing stone, and give it to me? Then we can both make wishes without being together all the time."

"You don't like hanging out with me?"

"That's not what I meant. I just thought it would be more efficient if there were two stones instead of one."

Because it was too early in the morning to think straight and that he wanted to use the stone just as much as Karyn, Jon decided it was a good idea. This way Karyn wouldn't be asking Jon for the stone and vice versa.

Jon ran back upstairs to his room and uncovered the stone from his secret hiding place behind his bed and said, "I wish that the stone would be duplicated and that the duplicate stone would work exactly same way as the original."

Jon opened his hand to find two identical stones. He then ran back downstairs to Karyn and gave her one of them.

"Thanks," she said happily.

"Have fun. I'm going back to bed."

And he did just that.

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