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2. Nintendo Madness

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon the Nintendo Fan

on 2004-05-18 01:41:38

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Jon entered his house and climbed the stairs to his room. He took out the box and set it on his dresser as he grabbed his Wave Bird and turned on the Gamecube. After about 15 minutes of smashing every Nintendo character with Ness's bat, he got an idea. He grabbed the box from his dresser and took out the stone. He was about to make his wish when suddenly a very chilling thought struck him. "I need to give the wish some boundaries so I can reverse it, or else..." he said quietly.

After a few minutes of mentally working out the wish in his head, he finally got it down. "I wish" he began. "That I could become any Nintendo character by saying, 'Nintendo Power ...' and then the name of the character, and that I can reverse the change by saying, 'Change back.'"

The stone grew warm as the wish took effect. Jon begins to use his power and says, "Nintendo Power ..."

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